STIVOBAL stands for “STIA VOLLEY BALL,” which is a Student Activity Unit (UKM) for Volleyball at Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta. STIVOBAL serves as the most suitable platform to accommodate, organize, develop, and nurture the sport of volleyball as both a discipline and a means of fostering a healthy spirit. It aims to shape creativity and professionalism through the pursuit of volleyball as a sport, fostering a strong mind and promoting physical well-being.

STIVOBAL serves as a platform for planning, executing, developing, and honing skills in the realm of collegiate-level volleyball. It is characterized by intellectual reasoning, scholarly pursuits, talent and interest exploration, as well as student well-being. The volleyball Student Activity Unit (UKM) aims to contribute to the reputation and prominence of Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta while producing a generation of professionals capable of competing at the national level

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