The Student Reasoning Unit (Unit Penalaran Mahasiswa or UPM) at Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta, commonly known as the Reasoning Student Activity Unit, serves as a platform to cultivate and develop the mindset of students through the creation of scientific papers, which are then applied to both academic learning and community environments. UPM was founded and officially inaugurated on December 30, 2020. The objective of the Reasoning Student Activity Unit is to guide students in producing well-organized and structured academic papers, summaries, research projects, and other assignments.

The Vision and Mission of UPM are as follows:


  1. Realizing students who can provide critical thinking and create high-quality scientific works.
  2. Realizing students with high innovation, critical thinking, creativity in writing, and contributing to the progress of the nation.


  1. Serving as a platform for students to enhance critical, innovative, and creative thinking through writing.
  2. Cultivating students’ awareness of their surrounding environment, expressed through writing and publication on social media.
  3. Encouraging students to contribute to the field of writing and research at the local, regional, national, and international levels.
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