Internal Audit Unit is a supporting unit that carries out the non-academic monitoring/supervisory functions for and on behalf of the Director of the NIPA School of Administration. The Internal Audit Unit consists of: a. Chairman who concurrently becomes member; b. Secretary who concurrently becomes member; and c. Members with expertise in accounting; human resource management; asset management, law, and operational management. 


Becoming an Internal Audit Unit whose integrity, dedication and professionality in carrying out the supervisory functions on each program implementation of The NIPA School of Administration


  1. Assisting the Director in identifying, minimalizing and attempting to mitigate risk on the program implementation in The NIPA School of Administration
  2. Performing the internal audit on activities of all Units/Program of Study in The NIPA School of Administration


  1. Performing sharing knowledge in the “Ngariung Event” held on every Friday of the last week ─once a month after the physical exercise
  2. Actualizing the orderly activity report of every Unit/Program of Study
  3. Strengthening the roles and functions of the Internal Audit Unit 
  4. Coordinating with the Quality Assurance Unit in managing the review activities including SOP review; quality standards review, and internal quality audit
  5. Supervising the non-academic activities