HIPMI Perguruan Tinggi (PT) was established on August 21, 2006, as an autonomous organization initiated by Erwin Aksa, Raja Sapta Oktohari, and Bahlil Lahadahlia. The organization was officially inaugurated by Jusuf Kalla, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, and Erwin Aksa, Chairman of HIPMI for the 2008-2011 period. True to its name, HIPMI PT accepts members who are currently enrolled in undergraduate (S1), master’s (S2), or doctoral (S3) programs at universities. With the presence of HIPMI PT, it is hoped that students can create job opportunities by becoming entrepreneurs, not just job seekers.

HIPMI PT (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia Perguruan Tinggi) at Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta is an autonomous organization under the auspices of BPP HIPMI PT and operates under the coordination of HIPMI PT JAYA. Its purpose is to embrace and serve as a platform for all students at Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta, including those who already have established businesses, those in the process of developing businesses, and also for students who are just starting their entrepreneurial journeys. It serves as a hub for students at Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta who have the enthusiasm and desire to learn about business or entrepreneurship.

HIPMI PT Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta also has a vision and mission that will be achieved together, including the following:
To realize HIPMI PT Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta as a platform for young entrepreneurs among active and independent students, characterized by modernity and excellence, with the aim of providing benefits to all members of HIPMI PT Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta.

  1. Introducing entrepreneurship education with the aim of creating successful young entrepreneurs among students at Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta.
  2. Boosting entrepreneurial spirit and leadership within HIPMI PT Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta.
  3. Establishing a Big Data information system for HIPMI Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta connected to all study programs to create a “Matching Business” platform among HIPMI PT Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta members.
  4. Building and facilitating connections for all young entrepreneurs on the campus of Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta to network with other young entrepreneurs in Jakarta and across the nation.

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