National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) School of Administration or Politeknik STIA LAN (Poltek STIA LAN)─previously known as STIA LAN, has been performing higher-education services for central and regional civil servants; the Indonesian National Defense Forces or Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI); the Indonesian National Police or Polisi Republik Indonesia (POLRI); employees of state-owned enterprises or Badan Usaha Milik Nasional/Daerah (BUMN/D) and other categories of civil servants work in the Indonesian Administrative System for more than 58 years. STIA LAN was established on December, 24th 1960, with the Indonesian First Ministry Decree No. 578/MP/1960. In 1999, the Presidential Decree No. 100/1999 of STIA LAN revised the previous decree to emphasize a specific mission of the institution, which is to provide high-quality higher education for government officers. 

Originally, STIA LAN, known then as Perguruan Tinggi Kedinasan Ilmu Administrasi Negara (PT DIAN) received a mandate through the Indonesian First Ministry Decree No. 578/MP/1960 to develop a higher education for civil servants with a Baccalaureate degree (Sarjana Muda or commonly known as Ahli Madya/AMD), and also civil servants with Bachelor degree qualification. Accordingly, the school targeted individual civil servants with such degrees to graduate with the title Sarjana Muda of  Administrative Science. However,  the increasing number of senior high school graduates in the civil service workforce prompted the issuance of Presidium Kabinet Kerja No. Aa/C/77/1964, on July 7, 1964, to establish Administrative Science Academy or Akademi Ilmu Administrasi (AIA), Jakarta campus alongside PT DIAN to accommodate them in a higher-education institution.

In 1967, under the decision of The NIPA Director No. 31/Pend/UP/1967, PT DIAN and AIA were merged into STIA LAN ─a Graduate School of Administration regulated by Presidential Decree No 5 of 1971. The integration was promulgated in the Decree of the Head of the NIPA No. 41/LAN/UP/1972 and No. 002/LAN/ KET/HK/1975 on NIPA’s Organization and Working Procedure. Soon STIA was assigned as a NIPA-technical unit through the Presidential Decree No. 20 of 1989 on The NIPA. Subsequently, the Presidential Decree No. 10 of 1999 on STIA LAN officially declared the presence of STIA LAN as a higher-education institution that provided an academic and professional-based education in the field of administration for civil servants. 

In 2020, the rapidly-changing industrial era pushed STIA LAN to officially transformed into Polytechnics ─a vocational-based higher-educational institution. As a polytechnic, NIPA School of Administration is located in Jakarta, Bandung, and Makasar. Specifically, the regulation of the Head of The NIPA No. 3/2019 on Statuta Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta becomes the legal basis of the (Polytechnic) NIPA School of Administration Jakarta. Since then, the (Polytechnic) NIPA School of Administration Jakarta offers vocational and professional higher education for civil servants in particular, and regular students.


  1. A flexible – blended study time; there are two options for the classes (regular class and night class for employees in particular);
  2. Academic and vocational-based learning (competence-oriented learning);
  3. Professional lecturers from various backgrounds (certified practitioners and academics);
  4. Credits transfer acknowledgment;
  5. Nationally accredited “B” (BAN-PT) or later determined “very good” and internationally standardized service “ISO 9001:2015” (SGS);
  6. Electronic-based administration for academic services (SIPINTER);
  7. An interactive and electronic-based learning process (e-learning/Ms.Teams); 
  8. A professional certified competence by Professional Certification Body (LSP);
  9. Career Development Center facility;
  10. A wide network for internships/on-the-job training in government/non-governmental institutions.


No.Major/Program of StudyDegreeAcademic Degree
1ApparatusResource ManagementApplied Undergraduate DegreeS.Tr.A.P
2State Development AdministrationApplied Undergraduate DegreeS.Tr.A.P
3Public Sector Business AdministrationApplied Undergraduate DegreeS.Tr.A.B
4State Development AdministrationApplied Master DegreeM.Tr.A.P
6State Development AdministrationApplied Doctoral DegreeDr.Tr.


Becoming an Excellent Higher Education Institution in Vocational and Professional Education in the Field of Public Administration, mainly Designated toward Government and Development Administrators.


  1. Performing a high-standard Vocational and Professional Education in the field of public administration to enhance the capacity of the government and development administrators;
  2. Conducting excellent research and innovative development to support the effectiveness and efficiency of the governance and development process;
  3. Delivering a high-quality community service to improve the capacity of the government and development administrators;
  4. Implementing effective, efficient, accountable, transparent, and equal governance to support the achievement of the vision of the Polytechnic NIPA School of Administration.


The NIPA School of Administration Jakarta is committed to being a Vocational and Professional Higher Education Institution in the field of public administration, which produces graduates with professionalism and integrity through accountable and transparent institutional management and academic processes based on standards of excellence, as well, as continues to promote a sustainable quality.


A defender of Pancasila practitioner, a caretaker of the Tridharma of the NIPA-School of Administration, a place of administration learner. Pure and wise, a steer towards leadership. Reflection of a beautiful lotus, a symbol of knowledge a pledge of Bhinneka Karya Eka Prasetya. Rise our institution with prosperity and glory. 


A loyal defender of Pancasila, a caretaker of the Tridharma principles of the Polytechnic NIPA School of Administration, a haven for administration science learners. Pure and wise, leading towards true leadership. A reflection of a fine blooming lotus, a symbol of knowledge, a pledge to Bhinneka Karya Eka Prasetya. Our institution rises with prosperity and glory. 


  • Prof. Dr. Nurliah Nurdin, M.A. – Director
  • Dr. Mala Sondang Silitonga, S.I.P., M.A. – Vice Director for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Neneng Sri Rahayu, S.T., M.Si. – Vice Director for General Affairs
  • Dr. Edy Sutrisno, S.E., M.Si. – Vice Director for Student Affairs
  • Bambang Suhartono, S.Sos., M.E. – Coordinator of Academic Administration and Cooperation
  • Hidayaturrahmi, M.P.A. – Coordinator of Student Administration, Alumni and Public Relations
  • Keisha Dinya Solehati – Sub-Coordinator of Student Administration and Public Relations
  • Anita, S.Kom., M.T.I. – Sub-Coordinator of Academic Administration
  • Iih Faihaah, S.I.P, M.Si. – Head of Finance and General Administration Division
  • Reagant Dwi Putra, S.H. – Head of Sub-Division of Domestic Affairs and State-Owned Property
  • Yuni Ariyanti, S.E. – Sub-Coordinator of Finance Division


The LOGO Philosophy and Meaning:

  • Equilateral hexagon illustrates the dynamic academic circumstance of The Polytechnic NIPA School of Administration
  • The 4 (four) capital Ps are the abbreviations of Polytechnics in 4 (four) different locations
  • The each blue and orange P formed as B letter is the abbreviation of Bhinneka Karya Eka Prasetya
  • The four letters P become a bond of The NIPA School of Administration


  1. Campus Building
  2. Classroom
  3. Library
  4. Computer Laboratory
  5. Multimedia Development Laboratory
  6. Administrative Science Laboratory
  7. Academic Student Service
  8. Cooperative
  9. Mosque
  10. Volleyball Field
  11. Tennis Courts
  12. Food Court/Cafeteria 
  13. Multipurpose Building
  14. Well Maintained Green Space and Garden
  15. Elevators
  16. Work-out Facility
  17. Music Studio
  18. Spacious Parking Lot
  19. Nursing Room
  20. Outdoor Boulder and Wall Climbing Panel
  21. Investment Gallery
  22. Career Development Center
  23. Profesional Certification Body


The NIPA School of Administration has developed partnerships in civil servant education programs with various parties of governmental institutions, including:

  1. National Archive of The Republic of Indonesia
  2. Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia
  4. Defence Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia
  5. The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta
  6. House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia
  7. The Provincial Government of Papua
  8. The Indonesian Navy 
  9. The Indonesian National Police 
  10. Indonesian Armed Forces
  11. Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency
  12. etc.

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