Frequently Asked Question


Does STIA LAN Jakarta Polytechnic include state universities?

Yes, STIA LAN Jakarta Polytechnic is a tertiary institution (PT) owned and funded by the government, but for the time being it does not conduct admission via the SNMPTN (National Higher Education Entrance State Selection) or SBMPTN (Joint Entrance Entrance State University Selection)

If I have received STIA LAN Jakarta Polytechnic, can I move to PTN and the SPP money can be returned?

The transfer of Higher Education can only be done by fellow STIA LAN Polytechnics Jakarta, Bandung and Makassar, to move to PTN outside it must adjust to the intended PTN policy.

Is College Polytechnic with official ties?

Jakarta STIA LAN Polytechnic does not hold official ties

What is the difference between D4 and Academic Undergraduate Program?

  • D4 is another term for Applied Bachelor, equipping students with applied skills in certain fields of science or expertise, so that graduates are ready to work
  • While the Academic Degree, is a program directed at the mastery and development of branches of science and technology