Journal of Business Administration Economics & Entrepreneurship

JBEST (Journal of Business Administration Economics & Entrepreneurship) is a scientific journal published by National Institute of Public Administration/NIPA – School of Administration (Politeknik STIA LAN Jakarta). This multidisciplinary journal, with registered number ISSN (online) focuses on common problems or issues related to administrative sciences, not only at national level but also worldwide. JBEST covers various topics and studies e.g. economic and business policy, international business, creative and innovative economy, e-commerce, finance and financial services and other relevant issues.

JBEST publishes issues twice a year within two terms; April and October. Specified topics for each term are not determined so that the author can submit any issues related to the scope of JBEST. Authors can submit a manuscript by following Author Guideline HERE with particular template HERE. Authors must also aware of Publication Ethics HERE. In order to ensure the quality of the publication, authors must commit to providing originality (Malpractice Statement Letter) assigned on the stamp. The submitted manuscripts must meet the standard and assigned format of JBEST. If there are any disobedience, the editorial team have the absolute right to REJECT the submission before further reviewed.

JBEST is published to mainly support open data and open science movement. We, the editorial team aim to get actively involved in the development of open access era. As a means to share qualified ideas and scientific thoughts, JBEST provides DOI (Digital Object Identifier) internationally standardized by Crossref to uniquely identify and enhance the standard of the published journal. For now, JBEST also have been indexed on Google Scholar,, and etc.

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